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The dos and don’ts of washing your car during the summer Posted On 25 May 2022

Follow your tips to keep your motors looking shiny and new even during the hot months


While it may be tempting to crack out the bucket and sponge when the sun is out, washing your car in high temperatures and while the sun is beaming down can cause issues.


After washing water across the car, in high temperatures the water will quickly start to evaporate if it is too hot.


The shampoo and water will dry directly onto the surface of your paintwork causing splodges of water spots, streaks and drip marks to form on the surface and will be a gripe with any car lovers who like to take particular care of their wash.


So, try to stick to washing the car either earlier in the day or later on, when the sun is lower and the temperature has dropped.


Another work around, if you have no choice but to do the wash during the baking sun, is to concentrate on a single panel of your car at a time.


Begin from the top, on the roof, wash it completely and rinse the shampoo quickly before it dries and leaves residue.


Then work your way around the vehicle, panel by panel.


For those who wax their car after a wash, if your vehicle is parked in direct sunlight - do not wax.


The wax, coating or glaze will not behave as normal and can bake onto the paintwork and be a right pain to remove from the surface.


Another great tip is to potentially think about investing in a pressure washer.


These can be particularly useful during the hot months are you will be able to apply a snow foam across the vehicle and take it off quickly using the pressure washer.


This will drastically lower the chance of any prewash goods from staining the paintwork from drying too quickly before being washed off with a regular sponge.


It may seem like an obvious, but make sure you look after yourself while cleaning outdoors in the sun.



Stay hydrated as washing the car can be quite a taxing activity and wear sunscreen to avoid burning.

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