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Ideal ways of getting shade into your garden ahead of warm summer days Posted On 23 May 2022

Do not get caught out and burnt while trying to enjoy sunny days


Say it quietly, but summer is officially just around the corner.


As days grow longer and the scent of barbecues sting the air, we Brits cannot help ourselves but to get excited.


We head straight to the local butchers for a plethora of meats and get on the phone to invite friends round for a get-together in the garden, there is nothing quite like it.


But after a few hours in the sun, while we do enjoy it, the beating rays can get a bit too much.


Rather than heading indoors and waste the blissful summer days - we do not get many afterall - make sure you have ample space in your garden which is shaded from the sun.


There are a whole range of ways to apply a bit of cover in your garden, so we have rounded up a few suggestions to make life that little bit easier for you.


A natural way of supplying some shade into your garden is to grow plenty of trees.


Making sure they are well placed to cover part of your garden when the sun is high is great, while also having the clear benefits to the environment.


Of course the downsides to this method of shade is the amount of space they may take up in your garden, particularly if you do not have much room to begin with, while growing a tree large enough to block out a decent amount of sun will take a long time.


Another great way of adding a touch of shade is adding a retractable canopy.


These can be purchased relatively cheaply and can be attached to the side of your home or outdoor building.


Simply slide out the canopy to create a large, shaded space where a table and chairs can be placed underneath.



This is a quicker way of adding shade, without having to wait for a tree to grow, while also looking aesthetically pleasing as it can be retracted when not needed.

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